The Boathouse

The Boathouse no longer exists, but ruined outlines still remain, as well as miscellaneous ironmongery and furnishings from the old building. In its heyday it contained a bed and small kitchen area. Like the Keepers' House it was an acknowledgement that extreme weather could isolate any of the keepers at any any point from the pier to the light. It is reached by a tunnel through the rock outcrop separating the lighthouse on the Point from the small inlet and the pier. 

After the fire of 1890, the small structure was knocked down, and all larger stones used in the foundations of the rebuilt Keepers' House. Legend has it that the men who worked on the rebuilding broke the Boathouse into pieces during an enforced stay on the Point during bad weather. Mystery clings to this story like sea fog. Locals despaired at the use of "ill fated stones" in the making of a new building. As an added twist to this tale, it is said that all three of those workers were "stark raving mad" by the time the winds eased and rescue arrived.

The Boathouse Pier survives, despite being in poor condition, and on good weather days vessels can tie up. This was essential in the 2008 renovations and remains vital for supplies to the Point. Books and wine in particular.

The strangest story attached to the Boathouse is that of The Waving Man. Sailors and yachters to this day tell of seeing a bearded man on the pier waving out to sea.

When they approach, the figure disappears.